• Some Strange Planets In Our Galaxy
    Stars and Planets

    Some Strange Planets In Our Galaxy

    Most of these eerie things are absolutely impossible on our planet, even in the wildest imagination. But as practice shows, what is impossible with us, is still possible on other planets. Let’s look at ordinary rain as an example. Rain is usually cold and gloomy. And very very wet. And in general, the earths rain, well, its boring. The rain of stones on Planet COROT-7b however, is quite another matter. We wouldn’t be bored there. It’s very very hot on one half of this strange space object. The surface temperature reaches 4700°F. That’s about 2600°C. And that’s more than enough to make the rocks melt, And then evaporate like puddles…

  • Our View of the Universe Over Time

    Our View of the Universe Over Time

    What’s the biggest question that you could possibly ask? Surely, what it might be is, “How did everything begin?” That’s a question that all origin stories ask and they have a huge diversity of answers. Some say there wasn’t a beginning because everything has always existed. Some say perhaps a multicolored serpent was traveling through the land and as it did so, it created the mountains and the rivers and the streams and maybe even the stars and maybe even you and me. Some say there was a sort of committee of gods that created the world or perhaps the one true God created the world. There’s a huge diversity…