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10 absolutely disturbing horror anime

by Ace Damon
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The anime universe is an excellent choice for those who want to know the different Japanese narratives. Unlike western works, there the way the themes are treated is very peculiar, which makes it a valuable option for those who want to diversify the stories they follow.

An easy example to realize is the horror anime. The works vary greatly in theme, but the approach is always very specific, focusing on disturbing situations. For those who want to know a little more about this universe, we have prepared a list with eight options that can satisfy the most different tastes.

Another (Anazâ)

(Source: IMDb / Reproduction)

Another is a one-season anime that works almost like a long non-episodic production. The plot revolves around a student trying to find out why his classmates are mysteriously dying. For this he will enlist the help of a girl who can communicate with the supernatural world. This is a great way to start watching horror anime because it's so dense, but not yet so dark and surreal.

Boogiepop Phantom (Boogiepop wa Warawanai)

(Source: IMDb / Reproduction)(Source: Thrillist / Reproduction)

Another option for those who want to meet horror anime are anthologies that tell isolated stories. In the case of Boogiepop Phantom, they are linked through a Japanese urban legend known as Boogiepop, the embodiment of death. The stories feature a series of murders that may be happening, but as the narrative mixes reality with fantasy, it's hard to know what really happened and what isn't real.

Hell Girl (Jigoku shôjo)

(Source: IMDb / Reproduction)(Source: IMDb / Reproduction)

Jigoku shôjo's plot features a website where you can get a person to hell by typing their name. However, in doing so, anyone who accessed the site will also be sentenced to hell when they die. The series shows several cases and has several distressing and disturbing moments when the deaths begin to draw attention.

Junji Ito Collection (Junji Itô: Korekushon)

(Source: IMDb / Reproduction)(Source: IMDb / Reproduction)

Junji Ito is one of the biggest references when it comes to manga of terror. And in this anthology based on his works, you can understand why his name is so important to fans of the genre. For those who want to start with a more disturbing work, this is certainly one of the best options, as the stories range from surreal to grotesque, making it difficult to remain indifferent with each episode.

Paranoia Agent (Môô dairinin)

(Source: IMDb / Reproduction)(Source: IMDb / Reproduction)

This is a great choice for those who like stalking stories and, as the title suggests, paranoia. The tension of the anime focuses on a mysterious figure who attacks people with a baseball bat. Throughout the episodes, as threats become more and more real, the story delivers an ever-increasing level of tension, peaking near the end, with an unexpected conclusion.

Parasyte: The Maxim (Kiseijû: I know no kakuritsu)

(Source: IMDb / Reproduction)(Source: IMDb / Reproduction)

This is an anime of physical horror. Here the story shows a kind of alien that parasitizes the human brain, taking over the body of the host. However, Shinichi can prevent his brain from being dominated and the parasite takes control of his left hand only. From this point begins a bizarre story and a struggle for survival of both Shinichi and the parasite that lives in symbiosis with him.

The Promised Neverland (Yakusoku on Neverland)

(Source: IMDb / Reproduction)(Source: IMDb / Reproduction)

As a good grim fairy tale, Yakusoku at Neverland features an orphanage where children are confined and forbidden to leave, as there are demons outside. What the kids don't know is that they are just there to feed these creatures and there is nothing they can do. Meanwhile, a group of three young people find out what is behind that prison and try to prevent the “Mama” who is responsible for taking care of the children from continuing their terrible plan.

Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories (Yami Shibai)

(Source: IMDb / Reproduction)(Source: IMDb / Reproduction)

Another disturbing anthology, Yami shibai is one of the most creative works of contemporary Japanese terror. And since each episode lasts only five minutes, it's another great choice for those who want to hear good horror stories based on Japanese urban legends. In addition, he has a unique language and art that stands out from other anime.

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