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20 movie sequences that no one remembers exist

by Ace Damon
20 movie sequences that no one remembers exist

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Hollywood is a movie making machine, and many of them hardly anyone knows exist. Just this year, for example, fingers are missing from one hand to be able to count the films that must fall into oblivion, even though they are sequences of works that were successful in cinema. Pushing a story beyond what it could naturally support is a safe bet for most studios. Just look at the Fast and Furious franchise, which since 2001 has had seven sequels and a spin-off, and continues to give Universal a good return.

However, this is not the rule. And the list below gives some examples of sequences that (almost) nobody knows were made.

The Exorcist II: The Heretic (1977)

(Source: IMDb / Reproduction)

The Exorcist is to this day one of the most powerful works of terror. Without appealing to obvious jumpscars and betting on the weight that history itself already has, the film was an absolute success and is still considered one of the best films of its kind ever made. Of course some producer thought it would be a good idea to continue the story. Today, the world remembers the 1973 classic, but who has watched the sequel, released four years later?

Grease 2: The Times of Brilliance Return (1982)

(Source: IMDb / Reproduction)(Source: IMDb / Reproduction)

Grease: In the Times of Brilhantina is an adaptation of the eponymous Broadway musical about the fifties rebellion. It's one of those movies that the current generation may not have seen, but at least heard. Contrary to its sequence, not even those who watched the original know it exists. The movie had a box office almost below the cost of production and eventually died into oblivion.

Saturday Fever Continues (1983)

(Source: IMDb / Reproduction)(Source: IMDb / Reproduction)

Released in 1977, Saturday Night Fever was the movie that boosted John Travolta's career. Betting on the success of disco music, the film has one of the most iconic dance sequences in cinema. Unfortunately someone decided to repeat the dose a few years later, but the time for the nightclubs had passed. John Travolta stars in one of the most shameful films of his career (which is no small feat) in a film that was still directed by Sylvester Stallone.

The Fly 2 (1989)

(Source: IMDb / Reproduction)Cap (Source: IMDb / Reproduction) tion

The Fly is a peculiar sci-fi movie with diverse horror elements, starring Jeff Goldblum and still very relevant today. He himself is a remake of a 1958 movie with horror master Vincent Price. The sequel is a shameful attempt to continue the story, but no one knows it exists.

The Key to the Puzzle (1990)

(Source: IMDb / Reproduction)(Source: IMDb / Reproduction)

One of the most curious cases on this list is actor Jack Nicholson's attempt to direct the sequel to one of Roman Polanski's most important films, Chinatown. While this movie is a prime example of a thriller-laden thriller that captures audiences from start to finish, its sequel, The Key to the Riddle, is proof that a good mystery story requires a good director, unless its goal is fall into oblivion.

Maximum Speed ​​2 (1997)

(Source: IMDb / Reproduction)(Source: IMDb / Reproduction)

Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves in an uncontrolled bus, heading for success. In fact, the two were already relatively well known in Hollywood, but this movie certainly helped to popularize both. The same cannot be said of the sequel, which featured only Bullock and exchanged the bus for a cruise ship. Bigger doesn't always mean better, and this forgotten movie is proof of that.

They Forgot Me 3 (1997)

(Source: IMDb / Reproduction)(Source: IMDb / Reproduction)

Who grew up in the 90s must have probably watched many movies with Macaulay Culkin. Until 1994 he starred in several films and seemed to have a promising future. But by 1997, when they decided to release the second sequel to Forgotten Me, the actor had already been involved in a number of issues and decided to replace it with a generic version of it. The result is that today, when they talk about Forgot Me, only the first two films are mentioned.

Carrie's Curse (1999)

(Source: IMDb / Reproduction)(Source: IMDb / Reproduction)

Stephen King is a writer who shares opinions, while some love him, others hate the style of his books. This same division can be applied to the writer's first film adaptation, and its unfortunate sequence. While Carrie the Stranger is a movie that pleased the audience, Carrie's Curse is a movie that has fallen by the wayside.

The Blair Witch 2: The Book of Shadows (2000)

(Source: IMDb / Reproduction)(Source: IMDb / Reproduction)

With a budget of $ 60,000 and revenues of nearly $ 250 million, The Blair Witch is a good example of movie success. And that was enough for a sequel to be commissioned for the following year. The rush, the bad story, or the sum of both, make The Blair Witch 2 a movie no one remembers exists.

American Psychopath 2 (2002)

(Source: IMDb / Reproduction)(Source: IMDb / Reproduction)

Christian Bale was advised not to play American Psychopath as it is a very violent movie and it could hurt his career. Mila Kunis could have been advised not to do this because no one would be interested in watching. While the first film featured an interesting script and careful steering, the sequel seems to have been created on autopilot.

Dirty Dancing 2: Havana Nights (2004)

(Source: IMDb / Reproduction)(Source: IMDb / Reproduction)

Dirty Dancing is a super tacky movie (like all good romance) that deserves to be seen by anyone who likes musicals. In addition to featuring another iconic dance scene, it has a story as charismatic as its protagonists. The sequel is not bad and has good times, but that doesn't count for much when no one remembers that the movie exists.

Princess Diaries 2: Royal Wedding (2004)

(Source: IMDb / Reproduction)(Source: IMDb / Reproduction)

The Princess Diary is a comedy about the difficulties of coping with the transition from youth to adulthood and taking responsibility. It's a fun movie and it had great potential to generate an equally interesting sequel. The sequel really did come, but it is much lower and so it was eventually forgotten.

The Son of the Mask (2005)

(Source: IMDb / Reproduction)(Source: IMDb / Reproduction)

When The Mask was released in 1994, much of the film's success came from how the script could tap into one of Jim Carrey's most creative sides: physical comedy. From this, and with some interesting subtleties, the film was able to stand out to the point of generating a sequel that no one knows about the cast and doesn't even know the movie exists.

Wild Instinct 2 (2006)

(Source: IMDb / Reproduction)(Source: IMDb / Reproduction)

Paul Verhoeven is a controversial director, but he has interesting films under his belt. Wild Instinct, despite the behind-the-scenes problems, has a good story, involving the investigation of a rock star engulfed in an intense suspenseful mood. About its sequel, suffice it to say that the box office got just over half of what the movie cost. A failure that few people could remember.

The Return of the Almighty (2007)

(Source: IMDb / Reproduction)(Source: IMDb / Reproduction)

Another movie that proves like Jim Carrey may be missed in a sequel. Steve Carell even tries, but there's not much to enjoy following the Almighty. The film tries to retell Noah's story, but the sum of clichés everywhere with an uninteresting script make the only possible memory of this movie is the image of long-bearded Carell.

S. Darko: A Tale of Donnie Darko (2009)

(Source: IMDb / Reproduction)(Source: IMDb / Reproduction)

Did you understand the ending of Donnie Darko? That was a very common question in the early 2000s, by people who wanted to believe the movie had a hidden message that needed to be deciphered. But it doesn't matter if people get it or not, whether they like it or not. What matters is that they know Donnie Darko. Already your sequence …

The Bourne Legacy (2012)

(Source: IMDb / Reproduction)(Source: IMDb / Reproduction)

Jeremy Renner could have replaced Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible, but failed to overcome the charisma of the protagonist. He was then given the opportunity to replace Matt Damon in the Bourne franchise, but the movie fell into oblivion and still brought the original protagonist back (in another movie that nobody knows exists).

Great People 2 (2013)

(Source: IMDb / Reproduction)(Source: IMDb / Reproduction)

Okay, maybe a lot of people don't know Gente Grande, a movie with Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Chris Rock, David Spade and Rob Schneider. The film shows the reunion of the five friends, years after they broke up after high school. It is a very common plot, but it justifies a movie. This sequence is that sequel that nobody cares about, so maybe people just prefer not to watch. It's too similar to the first one to stand out, so it eventually fell into oblivion.

Debi & Lois 2 (2014)

(Source: IMDb / Reproduction)(Source: IMDb / Reproduction)

This time there is no way to blame Jim Carrey's absence. The actor returns to the role alongside Jeff Daniels, two decades after the release of the first film. Unfortunately the result is just a session of someone else's shame, with two actors in roles who can't even entertain to convince people to watch the movie.

Alice Through the Looking Glass (2016)

(Source: IMDb / Reproduction)(Source: IMDb / Reproduction)

Alice Through the Looking Glass is the literary sequel to Alice in Wonderland, so it was hardly a surprise when Disney announced that the film directed by Tim Burton would have a sequel. The movie came without the director, but repeating the cast, but turned out not to be very striking. The consequence was the forgetfulness of the work.



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