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52-migrant van breaks border barriers and enters Ceuta

by Ace Damon
52-migrant van breaks border barriers and enters Ceuta

A 52-migrant van broke the dawn barriers between Morocco and Spain at dawn to enter the Spanish enclave of Ceuta, an incident the Spanish Civil Guard is already investigating.

The van crossed the border with 34 men, 16 women and two children, one aged six and another five months accompanied by their mothers early this morning.

The vehicle with the migrants launched at full speed against the border barriers at Tarajal.

Sub-Saharan migrants were later detained by police in Ceuta.

According to the director general of the Spanish Civil Guard, Félix Azón, this is a new event, as on other occasions migrants used passenger cars to try to break down barriers, but never vehicles capable of carrying more people.

“We will investigate how and why it happened and try to make sure that it does not happen again,” said Azón.

The incident occurred days before work began to remove the double-barbed wire coils from the fences in Ceuta and Melilla to replace them with less harmful elements.

During the process, vigilance will be strengthened to prevent irregular entry of migrants.

Migrants gathered in Morocco usually try to climb the six-meter wire fences that separate Ceuta from Morocco, but rarely try to cross with vehicles.

Félix Azón, who made statements to the press following an event organized by the Executive Forum, in his speech at this meeting predicted that less than half of migrants will arrive by sea this year compared to last year, when they reached 60,000 in more than 2,400. vessels.



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