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5G auction may end in 2020 or even 2021

by Ace Damon
5G auction may end in 2020 or even 2021

After the advisor of the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) Vicente Aquino presented a series of changes in the 5G auction notice, the forecast is that the sale of frequencies will take place only at the end of next year. The changes will require further analysis of Anatel's technical area, as well as the opinion of the Specialized Federal Attorney's Office, under the Attorney General's Office (AGU).

In addition to the analysis and approval, the public notice must still go through public consultation and then be submitted to the technical area of ​​Anatel and the Specialized Federal Attorney's Office. If more delays are accounted for (such as view requests), the 5G auction may even be pushed to 2021.

Prior to the public consultation, it will be necessary to determine the technical solution for 5G interference in the open TV signal captured by the satellite dishes. (Source: Flickr / Ingo Wilges)

If this happens, the government is expected to stop raising $ 25 billion, projection made by Ericsson in a study that assesses the tax impact caused by the delay in holding the 5G auction.

The large number of changes suggested by Aquino also adds the technical solution that should be thought to solve the interference of 5G transmission in satellite dishes serving users of open TV. At the next board meetings, due to take place between November and December, the amendments, already technically analyzed, will be voted on.

Proposal involves changes in the 3.5 GHz band

On the 17th, Councilor Vicente Aquino proposed the regionalization of frequencies, dividing Brazil into 14 regions, and suggesting a separate batch of the 3.5 GHz band for new operators and small companies that are committed to offering greater coverage. For the big carriers, Aquino wants to sell spectrum in the form of multiple rounds on contested days.


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