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A job search from Nvidia reveals that the next Switch could have …

by Ace Damon

According to a recent job search, Nvidia is already working on a new SOC Tegra for video game consoles, and plans to incorporate support for DLSS 2.0 in this new SOC, giving the possibility that the successor to the Nintendo Switch support this technology.

The announcement begins by saying, “We are hiring a Senior Embedded Software Engineer for the Tegra Solutions Engineering Team to work on the next generation of graphics and AI technologies for game consoles and AI devices.” Then he lists several items of what this engineer will do in his work, and one of them says “Work on solutions that use artificial intelligence in graphic technologies such as Nvidia DLSS 2.0”, implying that this new Tegra will support this technology.

It will be interesting to see what Nvidia surprises us with, as it would undoubtedly be interesting to see a portable console with these technologies, for example rendering images in 720p @ 60FPS and rescaling to 1080p @ 60FPS with high-quality graphics using DLSS so as not to lose quality. Given that they don’t have the full kit yet, chances are it’s missing for release, but it wouldn’t be surprising to see some sort of announcement next year. We will keep you up to date with new developments.

What do you think about this Nvidia project? Would you like to see a new Switch with a Tegra that supports DLSS 2.0?


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