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After all the United States will support Brazil's entry into the OECD

by Ace Damon
After all the United States will support Brazil's entry into the OECD

The US government, led by Donald Trump's president, said on Thursday it maintained support for Brazil's entry into the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. The position is taken after several media indicate that this support has been withdrawn.

"[Contrary to what the media say, the United States, consistent with the joint statement of 10 March by President Donald Trump and President Jair Bolsonaro, fully supports Brazil at the beginning of the process to become a full member of the OECD. "We welcome Brazil's continued efforts on economic reform, best practices and a regulatory framework aligned with OECD standards," wrote US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on the Twitter social network.

The US administration's statement comes hours after the Bloomberg news agency said Trump's government had decided not to support Brazil's bid to join the OECD.

The decision, according to Bloomberg, was communicated by Mike Pompeo in a letter sent to OECD Secretary-General Ángel Gurría on 28 August.

In the letter obtained by the agency, Pompeo reported that Washington supported only the membership proposals as new members from Argentina and Romania.

Washington also rejected a request to discuss further enlargements in the OECD.

On Twitter, Pompeo said the "letter made public does not accurately represent the US position on OECD enlargement."

"We are enthusiastic supporters of Brazil's entry into this important institution and the United States will make a great effort to support Brazil's membership," he concluded.

The US embassy in Brasilia added on its website that the country "supports OECD expansion at a controlled pace that takes into account the need to put pressure on governance reforms and succession planning."



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