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AMD sets new processor sales record, Intel lags behind

by Ace Damon
AMD sets new processor sales record, Intel lags behind

After long years with a positive outlook for Intel, vendors have documented a game shift for AMD. According to German retailer Mindfactory, AMD sold 25,000 Ryzen processor units last month (November), compared with 5,000 Intel Core processor units.

This was not an isolated event. AMD also had a significant advantage over Intel in September, taking 81% of the market. That average has been around since July, very close to the launch of the third generation AMD Ryzen 3000.

Sales chart by month in one year (Nov-2018 to Nov-2019). (Source: WCCFTech / Playback)

Although we have data from only one seller, we can imagine that the scenario is repeated for other traders – at least in the European market. Another example of this phenomenon is on Amazon's bestseller list, where 8 of the 10 best-selling processors were AMD.

Full pocket

Ryzen sales, in addition to securing the largest share of the market for AMD, yielded 77% of sales value in profit. This growth indicates that the most powerful processors – Ryzen 7; Ryzen 9 and Ryzen Threadripper – are among the top sellers.

However, despite Intel's massive market loss, Intel still retains the highest profit per unit sold, and therefore guarantees even greater value than AMD – although that advantage diminishes each month.

AMD sets new processor sales record, Intel lags behindSales chart since 2015. (Source: WCCFTech / Reproduction)

Problematic logistics

More than a year ago, Intel announced that it was experiencing a crisis in the production of 14nm processors. This has resulted in higher prices for Intel Core units. Apparently, the situation has not improved, as the processors remain high and the company did not disclose the normalization of production.

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