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Belgium wants to perform 10,000 screening tests per day

by Ace Damon
Belgium wants to perform 10,000 screening tests per day

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Belgium wants to increase the capacity to carry out covid-19 screening tests to 10,000 per day, against the current two thousand, a number considered insufficient by doctors, the government announced this Wednesday.

"We are pursuing a strategy to progressively increase the number of tests to go from two thousand to ten thousand / day in the next few days," said Philippe De Backer, minister in charge of coordinating material resources in the fight against the pandemic, in a statement.

These tests will continue to be done exclusively in hospital units and only for people with symptoms.

"It makes no sense to test people who go to the doctor or who go to the hospital for the sole purpose of testing for covid-19," he said.

The intensification of work with hospitals, analysis laboratories, universities and some pharmaceutical or biotechnology companies will contribute to increasing the capacity to carry out the tests, in what Philippe De Backer considers a "titanic effort".

Belgium, with 11.4 million inhabitants, registered 178 deaths and 4,937 people infected by the new coronavirus until this Wednesday.

Despite these figures, the authorities consider that they may be below reality as the screening tests have not been carried out, to date, on people who are hospitalized and with acute symptoms of the disease or health technicians with fever.


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