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Bioneoclinic promotion to take care of you!

by Ace Damon
Bioneoclinic promotion to take care of you!

Feel good and feel better with the help of Bioneoclinic.

Enjoy this fantastic promotion and book your session today!

-Lymphatic Drainage- € 15

-Massage back – € 20

Know your benefits:

– Lymphatic Drainage decreases body volume, improves blood circulation and accelerates metabolism favoring the disappearance of accumulated fat and cellulite.

Lymphatic drainage also promotes a healthier appearance of the skin, caused by better oxygenation of the skin.

It is a treatment performed through rhythmic and constant movements of gentle manual pressure exerted throughout the lymphatic system.

-Massage is performed on the back, arms, shoulders and neck, where the major muscle tensions accumulate.

The pressure of this massage may vary according to your preference and may be a milder and more relaxing treatment or a more energetic and deep approach.

It is the right choice for those who want a fast and efficient relaxation only in the back area.

To schedule yours just call 291 652 777.


Seminary Street, 7, 5th Floor, 9050-022 Funchal

Email: [email protected]

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bioneoclinic/



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