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Boeing will pay 11 families about one million euros per victim of …

by Ace Damon
Boeing will pay 11 families about one million euros per victim of ...

Boeing concluded a friendly settlement with 11 families of the victims of Lion Air Flight 610, whose aircraft, a 737 MAX, crashed off the Java Sea, Indonesia on October 29, 2018, causing 198 deaths.

"Last month we concluded an agreement with Boeing for 11 of the 17 families we represent," said AFP news agency Alexandra Wisner, one of the lawyers responsible for these cases at the Wisner Law Firm in Chicago, today.

According to a close source, the US aircraft manufacturer agreed to pay $ 1.2 million (about one million euros) per victim.

On Tuesday, Indonesian authorities pointed to problems in the design and supervision of the Boeing 737 MAX that may have played a major role in the aircraft crash.

According to the preliminary findings of a report by the Indonesian authorities to which The Wall Street Journal had access, the accident was also caused by piloting errors and maintenance problems.

In October 2018, a Lion Air flight crashed 12 minutes after takeoff in Indonesia, resulting in the deaths of 189 passengers and crew.

In March this year, an Ethiopian Airlines flight crashed six minutes after takeoff, causing 157 deaths.

Indonesian investigators may still amend the report they have already shared with the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the National Directorate of Transportation Safety, the Wall Street Journal notes.

US officials are expected to visit Indonesia later this month to discuss the issue.

On June 3, Boeing informed US aviation authorities that more than 300 models of 737 NG and 737 MAX aircraft have “improperly manufactured” parts, the FAA said.

One of the parts affected is the airplane wing mechanism that modifies the climb and resistance characteristics during takeoffs and landings, the FAA said in a statement.

According to the FAA, its investigation has determined that 32 Boeing NG and 33 Boeing Max are affected in the United States. In total there are “133 NG and 179 MAX” affected aircraft worldwide, the FAA adds.

More than six months after the grounding of the Boeing 737 MAX following two accidents involving 346 casualties, the aircraft is still undated, the US air regulator said on Wednesday.

The information was advanced by the Federal Aviation Agency (FAA), whose president, Steve Dickson, has indicated that the ban will be lifted country by country.

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