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Cairo rain kills at least seven people

by Ace Damon
Cairo rain kills at least seven people

At least seven people, including three children, died in Egypt's Nile Delta and Sinai regions following heavy rains on Tuesday that caused traffic jams and flooded roads, local authorities said today.

Five of the dead were from the Nile Delta provinces of Sharqia, Gharbia and Kafr el-Sheikh, according to the Egyptian Interior Ministry, which explained that three of these people, including two children, were electrocuted, and two others fell from the dead. roofs of their homes as they escape the floods.

Local authorities in northern Sinai also reported two deaths, with the mayor of el-Hassana saying he was a 47-year-old farmer and his 13-year-old daughter, both washed away.

Cairo's eastern suburb of Nasr City was the hardest hit, followed by Heliopolis, near the international airport.

According to the government, rainfall in those two suburbs reached on Tuesday at least 650,000 cubic meters in 90 minutes, overwhelming the city's sewage and drainage systems.

Several lorries were scattered across Cairo to drain water from flooded areas and one of the capital's most important roads linking the city with several provinces has been closed, the al-Ahram newspaper reported.

EgyptAir said it delayed some flights on Tuesday because passengers were stuck on roads and unable to reach the airport, while a portion of the old terminal, which is being refurbished, was completely flooded.

Many people captured images of floods via mobile phones, broadcasting videos of various submerged cars.

One video shows a man pulling a girl's corpse out of the water with a bulldozer in a flooded area of ​​the northern province of Sharqia while shouting in the background.

Another video shows a policeman entering a street near Cairo's presidential palace to clear a sewer.

Authorities today closed several Cairo schools and universities, and few workers were present in the companies in the face of chaos.

The scenario is receiving much criticism, especially on social networks, with Egyptians reporting Cairo's inability to cope with heavy rainfall due to lack of maintenance of sewage and drainage systems.


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