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Ciudadanos hopes party results can "resolve blockade"

by Ace Damon
Ciudadanos hopes party results can "resolve blockade"

Ciudadanos Secretary-General Jose Manuel Villegas hopes that the party's results in Sunday's parliamentary elections in Spain can contribute to "resolving the political blockade."

José Manuel Villegas, who was speaking at the party's headquarters, said that whatever the result of Ciudadanos, the elected deputies "will be on hand to set Spain in motion" and "resolve the political blockade" in the country.

On voter turnout, he said it was worse than the April legislatures, due to voter "fatigue" caused by the "failure" of Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez, who "did not form a government" and provided "a legislature". failed ".

According to several polls, the Citizens (liberal right) can elect between 11 and 16 deputies, against the 57 obtained in the elections of April 28.

If the projections are confirmed, the Citizens fall from the third most voted political force to the fifth, due to the rise of the Vox (far right), which, according to polls, goes from the fifth to the third most voted party.

The Spaniards returned to the polls this Sunday to elect 350 deputies and 208 senators from the General Courts.

The elections were called in September by the King of Spain, after noting that the incumbent Socialist Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, was unable to muster enough support to re-invest in the post following the April 28 elections.

In previous elections, PSOE Socialists had 28.7% of the vote, followed by the PP with 16.7%, Citizens with 15.9%, Unidas Somos with 14.3% and Vox with 10.3%.

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