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Coronavirus: Supplements that could boost your immune system during COVID-19…

by Ace Damon
Coronavirus: Supplements that could boost your immune system during COVID-19...

If a person contracts coronavirus, their immune system will work overtime to protect the body and fight infection. What a person eats will help or hinder if it becomes a reality. Dr. Michael Barnish, chief of nutrition and genetics at REVIV, offers advice on how we can keep our bodies in good shape in case the worst happens.

What is inflammation and why is it so bad for the body?

Dr. Jacek Hawiger, a researcher at Vanderbilt University, who studies the evolving inflammation paradigms for three “Like allies during World War II, we want to intercept the code and change it for our benefit.

"The arsenal of inflammation is replete with powerful weapons. Inflammation is the body's response to microbial, autoimmune, metabolic or physical insults.

"White blood cells, including granulocytes and macrophages, are the first to respond to sites of infection and injury.

"They emit waves of chemicals that can instantly kill germs and protein messengers called cytokines to perform a wide variety of tasks. When these weapons go wrong, however, they can wreak havoc."


An anti-inflammatory diet is widely considered to be healthy, so even if it doesn't help with one condition, it can help lessen the chances of having other problems.

Anti-inflammatory foods are those that any conventional specialist encourages you to eat.

They include lots of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, vegetable proteins, fatty fish and fresh herbs and spices.

Anything that is highly processed, excessively oily or super sweet is not a good choice when it comes to choosing the best types of food to not only nourish the body, but also protect it from foreign invaders.

Numerous studies are underway on the healing and preventive powers of mega doses of vitamin C.

“Vitamin C is an important agent of the immune system and a powerful antioxidant. Eating fresh organic fruits and vegetables that contain vitamin C obviously helps, but to really boost immunity, consider taking a supplement.

"Many clinics around the world now offer intravenous vitamin C, to use much higher concentrations, very safely, to bypass intestinal bioavailability, flooding the bloodstream with this powerful antioxidant.

"In terms of antioxidants, they are essential for the body to neutralize toxins and stay in good shape. Consider taking an antioxidant supplement and eating foods rich in beta-carotene, selenium and lycopene, such as carrots, tomatoes, spinach, apricots, lean "meat and watermelon.

"Electrolytes are also highly beneficial. They are small charged particles, responsible for so many processes in the body.

"They are essential for the normal functioning of the immune system and an imbalance that can leave us vulnerable.

"You can consider taking a magnesium supplement or a solution of restorative salts if you are sick recently.

"And don't underestimate the power of a banana."



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