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Deadpool 3: Movie May Feature Female Version Of Mercenary

by Ace Damon
Deadpool 3: Movie May Feature Female Version Of Mercenary

So far Kevin Feige has not officially announced what the introduction of Deadpool will be like at MCU, but according to We Got This Covered, the mercenary's movie may feature a female version of it: Lady Deadpool.

The information has not been confirmed, but it would be a way to bring the character's own universe and perhaps invest in a parallel line of movies. This would bring the Deadpool Corps to the MCU, which also features dog, kid and zombie versions of Deadpool.

In the comic, Wanda Wilson is a character from a parallel universe and has as main villain General America – evil version of Steve Rogers. If the character is harnessed in the MCU, Feige could use a simpler version for her without involving a multiverse.

Deadpool – 2016 (Source: IMDb / Playback)

It has been suggested that Deadpool could be introduced in Thor: Love And Thunder and that the character's solo movie would be responsible for introducing the X-Men into the MCU. Should this happen, Lady Deadpool could have her debut at another time, and could even win a series at Disney +.

Another possibility is for the mercenary to win a movie against the entire MCU. That could make him need some support, and it was a good opportunity to introduce the female version of the antihero.


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