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Demonstration in support of Paris police killer forbidden

by Ace Damon
Demonstration in support of Paris police killer forbidden

French Interior Minister Christophe Castaner has banned a demonstration called today in defense of Mickaël Harpon, a Paris city police official who murdered four colleagues and is under investigation for terrorism.

"The planned rally for Gonesse in support of the mayor of the police is an infamy and an insult to the memory of our policemen," Castaner said in his Twitter account.

Mickaël Harpon, a 45-year-old computer scientist who has been working since 2003 to direct information from the Paris prefectural police, attacked several colleagues with a knife on Oct. 3, killing four of them and wounding another, and was eventually shot down by one. Police in the courtyard of the building.

According to anti-terrorist prosecutor Jean-Francois Ricard, Harpon "would have adhered to a radical view of Islam" and was in contact with people from the "Salafist" (ultra-conservative) movement.

The Interior Minister posthumously awarded the Legion of Honor the four victims: Damien Ernest, Major, Anthony Lancelot, Agent, Brice Le Mescam, Deputy Chief Administrative Officer, and Aurelia Trifiro, Agent.

Castaner said today that he had given instructions that the "hateful statements" of the march call be communicated to the prosecutor to assess whether they could be considered an offense.

The French minister was referring to a video posted on the Internet by Hadama Traoré, a man who had appeared in the May European elections as a "candidate from the suburbs" and who justified his concentration in Gonesse, the city outside Paris where Harpon lived. , as a way of defending his name against the image that politicians and the media have given him.

Traoré insisted on this argument that the killer "is not a terrorist who was driven by terrorist claims", but that his act was a consequence of "the pressure of working conditions and especially of a difficult life".

Hadama Traoré said no one could speak ill of Harpon, but according to the investigation already carried out, the computer had shown signs of religious radicalization and also considered the January 2015 terrorist attack against the satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo to be justified.

Gonesse's march organizer also called on “all persecuted minorities” and “all persecuted communities” to “make war together against politicians and the media”.

French President Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday urged the country to build a "jihadist" terrorist "surveillance society" and vowed to fight tirelessly against "Islamic hydra" in honor of the four officers killed by Harpon.

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