Did you know that since the second half of 2009 more and more television stations all over the country have been using digital format in their transmissions. Those who still have analog TV sets complain that many of the shows are not coming out as nice as they used to. Fortunately digital TV is a simple technology and even the old analogs can bse converted to receive the signals. All one needs is to get hold of a digital-to-analog converter box. But for those who wish to upgrade their TV sets, they can just buy an LCD or an LED flat TV which are already digital TVs.

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The digital TV uses digital signals to transmit the audio and video which is totally different by the analogs. These support different formats like HDTV and SDTV. HDTV is high definition TV while SDTV stands for standard definition TV. Both can still receive antenna signals which can limit the number of channels viewed on the TV and both can also receive cable signals or Broadband.

Digital TV is more advantageous than the analog TV but the most significant is that it takes up less bandwidth which means that more digital channels can be transmitted in the same amount of space; it can receive high definition TV service and can also provide for other services like multimedia or interactivity. The digital TV can even act as an extra monitor for a PC.

Digital TV also does not have the ghost images which are common with analog TV, there is less or no noise from weak signals and is resistant to other problems which can disrupt the quality of sound and image. Because the audio and video are digitally synchronized the reception is better. However, if there is interruption of the transmission, the video can appear blocky those squares that come out instead of clear images.

It wont be long now until all analog TV are replaced by digital TV for many experience the great differences in both the video and the sound.

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