Home lifestyle Discover the proposals for having fun in Madeira on this Thursday's ‘Roadmap’


Discover the proposals for having fun in Madeira on this Thursday's ‘Roadmap’

by Ace Damon
Discover the proposals for having fun in Madeira on this Thursday's ‘Roadmap’

– There are news in the cinemas of Madeira. ‘Tabaluga and the Ice Princess’ is an animated film that tells the story of a small dragon created by the crow that saw it born, but that can’t conform without finding its origins. There is also ‘Rosa Selvagem’, about an ex-convict who dreams of being a country singer and who has a choice between following the dream, or taking on the upbringing of her two children. ‘The Wild Appeal’ brings the novel of the same name back to the screens, here with Harisson Ford in a touching relationship with the dog ‘Buck’. Gretel e Hansel is not a horror film that adapts the famous tale of the Grimm brothers.

– Barreirinha Bar Café receives at 18:30 an exhibition of photography, video and graphic design by the artist residing in Belgrade Nemanja Radovanovic, the works will be on display on the second floor. On the terrace you can watch Igor Stangliczky's performance at 8:30 pm, with a series of granular synthesis and ambient sounds. An hour later, it is Saku Kämäräinen's turn to present his Concorde Pilot, a project

the solo artist of the Helsinki-based artist and musician and sound artist has presented his works all over Europe, in the United States, Canada and Japan, both in his sound design works and in live performances. This project has the particularity of gathering songs that he has never played in public before, either created in Funchal, or found in his archives during his stay in the city.

– Vânia Fernandes, Tiago Sena Silva, Cláudia Sousa, Nuno Perestrelo, Sofia Almeida and João Geraldo are the singers who make the show 'It Takes Two – Greatest Duets'. From 7:30 pm, at the Bahia Restaurant (Casino da Madeira).

– The evenings at Solar do Ribeirinho, in Machico, today receive the Tuna de Machim for a small concert starting at 7 pm. It is the third event of this initiative and has the group of Casa do Povo and Banda Municipal de Machico. Entrance is free.

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