Home lifestyle Do you already know Lymphatic Drainage – Renata France Method?


Do you already know Lymphatic Drainage – Renata France Method?

by Ace Damon
Do you already know Lymphatic Drainage - Renata France Method?

Last week we talked about Lymphatic Drainage under our weekly heading. This week, we will deepen this area by talking about one of our professionals' specialization techniques – the Lymphatic Drainage – Renata France Method.

The advantages of this method go far beyond aesthetic issues. In addition to well-being, the technique helps in defining muscles and reducing swelling in the body.

Therefore, this process is much sought after by athletes and practitioners of vigorous physical exercises, in Spa clinics, named after the beautician and businesswoman, Renata França.

In both men and women, lymphatic drainage helps reduce fluid retention and swelling in the feet, helping the ankles, legs, belly, hands and arms. For athletes who, as a rule, already have a balanced diet and a good physical condition, the technique further enhances the results of the exercises, leaving the muscles more apparent and more toned body.

At Dermoclinic & Micropigmentation – Dori Silva, we have accredited professionals prepared to apply the technique and inform in detail how this technique is distinguished from conventional Lymphatic Drainage.

For more information, please contact us through the following contact means:

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Through our telephone contact: 291 645 834.

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