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Dupliconta launches the challenge: dream big in 2020!

by Ace Damon
Dupliconta launches the challenge: dream big in 2020!

On the first day of this new year, Dupliconta wishes you all an excellent 2020 full of great achievements, health, peace, love, affection, work and smiles! Do not stop dreaming. By the way. Never stop dreaming big!

As for today's topic, let's pick up a few passages from our article that got, in 2019, more visits, comments, and views. It's called “The Effects of Laughter on the Workplace” and was published on 21 September last year. This is because it is important to remember that smiling is very good for our health and the environments in which we operate.

Joy at work is an emotion that generates other positive emotions and galvanizes the human being into productivity and profitability that become far superior compared to those who smile little or do not like to smile.

We admit that in some companies there is still the belief that laughing while working is disrespectful or demonstrating that the professional is not working. Pure mistake!

Laughter creates a pleasant environment, relaxes and favors quick thinking and the ability to find solutions to a given problem.

Laughter provides physical health benefits by reducing pain by releasing endorphins, improving immune function, decreasing stress hormones, and lowering blood pressure by increasing blood flow.

Laughter also brings social benefits as it strengthens relationships between people, improves teamwork, helps resolve conflicts, promotes group unity. By the way, experts say that “in any workplace, the noise of laughter is an indicator of the group's emotional temperature, providing a sure sign that people are involved with the heart and not just the head. In addition, laughter at work has little to do with people who tell anecdotes: in a study of 1200 episodes of laughter in social interaction, laughter almost always came as a reaction to vulgar “nice to see” observations and not as a reaction to jokes. A good laugh conveys a friendly message that is reassuring: we are on the same wavelength, we get on well with each other. Indicates trust, mutual well-being, common feelings about the world; Like the pace of a conversation, laughing is a sign that everything is fine at the moment. '

The sincere smile creates empathy. “The smile brings people together,” says doctor Eduardo Lambert, author of the book “A La Terapia”, by Pensamento Publishing House.

Who works in a company of more serious culture and has had the opportunity to know a more relaxed work environment, where there is good humor and laughter are allowed, notice the difference. Recent studies have shown that smiling helps make connections, makes money, and is good for health.

Reasons to laugh at work:

– 84% of men claim to laugh a lot. Among women, only 68% say the same. They believe it is risky to show too much joy at work, it goes bad. They are wrong: the men interviewed say that they would not consider them less serious or less competent if they laughed more often.

– Boss laughs, everyone laughs. American writer Robert R. Provine, author of the book “Laughter: A Scientific Investigation” discovered what every employee already knows: when the leader tells a joke, his employees laugh a lot more than when a colleague tells the same anecdote.

"Smiling is good for the heart, and the proof is in a study by Michael Miller, a cardiologist at the University of Maryland, who came to a conclusion: whoever laughs the most, prevents heart problems."

– Who laughs last gets more! Researcher Fabio Sala of the University of Boston (USA) conducted a study of executives rated excellent and average. Above-average professionals were twice as good-natured during the interview as average-performing executives. Analyzing the salaries of the interviewees, Fabio realized that those who laughed more earn more.

So laugh, but laugh with enthusiasm, don't be clowns of yourselves and don't forget that it's better to fall for grace than to be funny. We still don't pay taxes for smiling and thinking! Smiling is good whether we are in a company, a group of friends, at home, or anywhere else!

Dream big! This is our motto for 2020!

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