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Ethics Council initiates two disciplinary proceedings against Bolsonaro's son

by Ace Damon
Ethics Council initiates two disciplinary proceedings against Bolsonaro's son

The Ethics Council of the Brazilian Chamber of Deputies opened two disciplinary proceedings on Tuesday to the son of the head of state and federal deputy, Eduardo Bolsonaro, after complaints from his own party and the opposition.

One of the cases was filed by the opposition political formations Socialism and Freedom Party (Psol), Workers Party (PT), Communist Party of Brazil (PCdoB) and the Network, and was motivated by statements by Eduardo Bolsonaro, who referred to a possible return of a decree that was in force during the military dictatorship.

The deputy said on October 31 that if the Brazilian left organizes street demonstrations such as Chile, the current government, led by Jair Bolsonaro, could enact an institutional act used in the military dictatorship, which restricted rights and freedoms in the country.

"If the left radicalizes at this point, we will need to give an answer. And that answer may be via a new AI-5, it may be via legislation passed via plebiscite, as happened in Italy. he said in an interview published on Youtube.

Institutional Act No. 5 was enacted in Brazil in 1968, at the height of the military dictatorship, and revoked fundamental rights and constitutional guarantees such as 'habeas corpus', instituted prior censorship and also gave the President the right to terminate parliamentary mandates and intervene in cities and states of the country.

Eduardo Bolsonaro's statements caused controversy, with the head of state himself separating himself from his son and lamenting what happened.

"Who is talking about AI-5 is dreaming. It does not exist. The AI-5 has existed in the past, in another Constitution, but it does not exist anymore. Forget it," said Jair Bolsonaro in Brasilia.

However, the controversial AI-5 has returned to the news today, but this time by the mouth of the current Brazilian Economy Minister, Paulo Guedes.

The minister warned today that popular protests in Brazil, similar to those in other Latin American countries, may lead to a request for restriction of freedoms, the same act that formalized the dictatorship in 1968.

Commenting on the social crises that have caused protests in several countries in the region at a press conference on Monday night in Washington (today 's dawn in Lisbon), Paulo Guedes recalled the context in which Institutional Act No. 5 was approved by the Government. in the process of consolidation of the dictatorship.

"Don't be scared then if someone asks for the AI-5. Hasn't it happened once? Or was it different? Taking people out to break it. That's stupid, it's stupid," said Paulo Guedes.

The minister's statements generated criticism from various Brazilian sectors, with the president of the Supreme Federal Court (STF) of Brazil classifying them as "incompatible with democracy".

PT Deputy Paulo Pimenta said on Twitter that "defending AI-5, as Paulo Guedes and the Bolsonaro family do, is a crime."

"It is not enough for the militia to be protected by the jagunço Sérgio Moro (Minister of Justice), now they want to bury Brazilian democracy?", Also questioned Pimenta.

The other case brought against Eduardo Bolsonaro originated from his own political formation, the Liberal Social Party (PSL), which accuses the deputy of having offended also the deputy Joice Hasselmann (PSL) in social networks, after she was against his nomination for PSL leadership.

At the time, Eduardo Bolsonaro used social media to publish a photomontage of a fake note with Hasselmann's image. According to the prosecution, the exposure caused "irreversible and immeasurable damage to the honor of the MP".

"My ethics board proceedings are not for theft or corruption but … because I mentioned the AI-5 and because I 'tweeted' (…) the (fake) note of three reais. Both cases just want to censor me, and ignore article 53, "wrote the deputy, referring to the article that confers parliamentary immunity, a right guaranteed by the Brazilian Constitution, to express itself in" opinions, words and votes ".

Moments later, Eduardo Bolsonaro announced on Twitter that he had received requests for his expulsion from PSL.

"I have just received my expulsion requests from the PSL and the PSL presidency of São Paulo. (…) I always thought they would be ruthless against corrupt and thieves. Could anyone ask them what crime I committed?" of the President of the Republic.

The Brazilian President has left the PSL this month and announced the creation of a new party, Alliance for Brazil.

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