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EU accepts Brexit deadline extended by 31 January

by Ace Damon
EU accepts Brexit deadline extended by 31 January

Today at 09:36, updated at 10:25

The 27 Member States of the European Union agreed Monday to postpone until 31 January 2020 the departure of the United Kingdom, as requested by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

"The 27th European Union has agreed that it will accept the UK's request for a flexible Brexit extension by 31 January 2020. The decision is expected to be formalized through a written procedure," announced the President of the European Council, Donald Tusk on Twitter.

The flexible extension of the Article 50 TEU period will allow the UK to leave the bloc early if the British parliament finally approves the agreement signed by Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Brussels and already ratified by the heads of state. and Government of the 27.

The decision was taken this morning at a meeting of EU 27 ambassadors, who on Friday had failed to agree on the length of the further extension of the UK's exit from the EU bloc.

The next step, Lusa detailed European sources, is to request "formal agreement" from London, so that the President of the European Council can launch the written procedure to the 27, within 24 hours.

Originally scheduled for March 29, Brexit had already been postponed until Thursday, with the United Kingdom requesting a second extension of Article 50 on 19 October, given the British's inability to approve the Exit in the House of Commons.

On Tuesday, the British parliament passed legislation regulating Boris Johnson's negotiated Brexit deal, but failed the UK Government's proposed timetable, which intended to approve the 110-page diploma in three days. Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced shortly that the government would suspend the legislative process and speed up preparations for an exit without agreement.

The bill gives legal effect to the exit agreement negotiated by Boris Johnson with Brussels and defines issues such as the transition period until the end of 2020 to allow companies to adapt to the new conditions and also for the two sides to negotiate a new agreement. free trade. It also inserts the Northern Ireland Protocol into national legislation and sets out the vehicle for the payment of financial compensation to the EU, estimated at £ 33 billion (€ 38 billion).

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