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Facebook erases far-right page after months of avoiding it

by Ace Damon
Facebook erases far-right page after months of avoiding it

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Facebook still has a complicated problem, which is the presence of pages and content that preach hatred or the spread of lies on the social network. Even after reporting these pages, the site takes too long to act, making the network a "no man's land". This was pointed out by The Guardian newspaper, which finally caused Facebook to act and remove two of the largest far-right pages in the United States.

Facebook began in the early months of 2019 a campaign to remove from its networks pages and profiles that promoted the spread of lies and hate content. US nationalist far-right pages were pointed and denounced, with the company claiming it would take action against them.

(Source: Reuters / Reproduction)

Months passed and nothing happened. This situation eventually spawned a new report from The Guardian, addressing Facebook's resistance to taking action, even months after claiming it would erase US nationalist pages.

This finally happened, and the Red Ice TV and Affirmative Right pages – some with more visibility on the internet – were removed from the site. In a statement to The Guardian, Facebook said the company determined that both groups and pages violated its policy against "organized hatred".

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