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Finally, João Carlos Teixeira's moment of affirmation

by Ace Damon
Finally, João Carlos Teixeira's moment of affirmation

João Carlos Teixeira has been a kind of postponed project as a top player and, at 26, is determined to change the situation. Last exhibition highly praised by Victorian fans.

At the end of the games, the site of Vitória usually has a vote to elect the best player of the team. Well, after the rout against Belenenses, the fans had no great doubts in the choice of João Carlos Teixeira, who collected almost 70 percent of the votes. It serves as a perfect photograph for the moment the medium is going through in Guimarães. Often criticized in the past by fans themselves, jersey 10 now seems determined to confirm on the ground all its long-standing potential that it has never truly realized.


Midfielder already goes on four goals, a goal that had never reached the other Portuguese teams he represented. You are playing closer to goal, as Ivo Vieira wants

Starting against Restelo's Blues, a condition he had not had since September 8 (injured shortly afterwards and was out of the game for over a month), the midfielder scored one of Vitória's five goals and increased the number of goals to four. clear shots this season. The number is significant given that the midfielder had never scored so many goals in Portugal; there was only one record, marked by Braga, in 2017/18. Last season, the first in Vitória, failed to score. Better even only at Liverpool Under-23s in 2013/14 and Brighton in 2014/15, with five goals scored in each emblem, a mark that can now match and supplant.

With remarkable determination, João Carlos Teixeira made with Belenenses one of the best performances in Vitória, not only for the goal scored but also for assisting Léo Bonatini to score the fifth goal and a set of attacking initiatives. At a time when Poha is injured, and also because Pêpe is losing some prominence (lately, he only started with Sintra), Teixeira could be the face of the new midfield. To get here, the player had to adapt to the style of Ivo Vieira, coach who asks for speed and acceleration in offensive moments. If, with Luís Castro, the midfielder played farther from goal, he is currently free to reach the finishing zone from position 10. Tomorrow, it seems that he will repeat his title in the Guimarães derby.

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