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Former friend reveals the story of the "instagrammer" that fooled the Net

by Ace Damon
Former friend reveals the story of the "instagrammer" that fooled the Net

Caroline Calloway, 27 years old and almost 800,000 followers on Instagram, is the name that is most talked about in recent days on this social network. Her former friend Natalie Beach ran a text about their toxic relationship and the reality of their idyllic social media posts.

Caroline Calloway's name became popular on Instagram in 2015, adding up to thousands of followers. He even received an offer of $ 375,000 (340,000 euros) to write a book for which he received 100,000 dollars (90,000 euros) in advance. And it was the subject of a article in Time magazine, reporting on the success that the American was making on the Net with posts about student life in Cambridge, England.

Associated with Caroline's name is Natalie Beach. They met in 2012 at the age of 20 at New York University and became best friends. Caroline built a fake life on social media, and next to her was Natalie, the aspiring writer, of humble background, who became a personal assistant far beyond her friend. Natalie has now told her version of the story in an article published in the digital magazine "The Cut" in which she reveals the toxic and manipulative relationship she was targeting. "I was Carolina Calloway. Seven years after meeting the infamous Instagram star, I'm ready to tell my part of the story, "is the title of the text.

Natalie says that the confidence of her new friend, who seemed adult in her dress and determination, attracted her attention and found it an interesting subject for her writing.

Caroline told her friend that she could stay in an apartment she had vacated, but then asked Natalie if she could clean it and receive some customers from the AirBnB rental platform. When asked if she could not ask someone else to do the cleaning, she heard the following justification: "You're the only one of my friends who needs money to the point of accepting it."

She started out as a photographer for the images Caroline shared on the #Adventuregrams page and edited her friend's texts. It was a way of offsetting their travels and experiences, but only one could afford it. The account became popular in 2015, with posts from student life in Cambridge during the Art History course. Months later I already had a millionaire contract to write such a memoir that was never written.

By this time Caroline lived in Europe and her fame was growing on the Net while Natalie survived in New York with precarious jobs.

To meet the book's delivery deadlines, Caroline turned to Natalie and promised 35% of the $ 375,000 she would receive to be a "ghostwriter," meaning the book was actually written by Natalie without No one knows. When they met again, Natalie saw that her friend had a dysfunctional life, notably with alcohol problems. Far from the reality it revealed in the virtual world.

"Influencer" confessed that her success on the networks was from the outset "having bought tens of thousands of followers," says Natalie.

Unable to meet deadlines, the book was never written and Caroline was indebted to the one hundred thousand dollars (90 thousand euros) she received in advance. Took off on Instagram.

In December 2018 decided to return to the virtual world. And it was a controversial return. She was accused of fraud after selling thousands of tickets for creative workshops – at $ 176 (160 euros) – which turned out to be a scam. Events announced for Boston, Chicago, and other cities were moved to an apartment in Brooklyn, New York … And the announced four-hour sessions with orchid wreaths and personalized letters were actually an hour and a half greetings meeting. and no seating.

Natalie spent two years without talking to Caroline, but contacted her in advance to advise her of the article to be published in "The Cut" magazine. In response, she posted a blog post on September 5th on Instagram: "Have you had any friendships that ended but still make you suffer?"

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