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French honor former president before official ceremonies

by Ace Damon
French honor former president before official ceremonies

The French gathered in Paris today to honor former President Jacques Chirac for a popular initiative on the eve of the official ceremony.

The tribute to the one who has been part of the country's political life for forty years, widely praised since his death on Thursday as “profoundly French,” with his qualities and his shortcomings, began with an interfaith ceremony in front of his remains.

Anonymous citizens, since morning, sometimes in the rain, in the area of ​​the Hôtel National des Invalides (Palace of the Invalides) in Paris, a monument that houses, among others, the tomb of Napoleon, began to pass in front of the exposed coffin. at the entrance to the Saint-Louis des Invalides Cathedral.

Between Thursday and Saturday, some 5,000 people, some of them very young, flocked to sign condolence records at the Elisha presidential palace, expressing their “tenderness” and admiration for the man who launched in 2002 'Our House Burns' Facing the climate emergency, it declined the Second Iraq War in 2003 or acknowledged France's responsibility for deporting Jews.

Jacques Chirac, who has never been as popular as after retiring from politics, is now regarded by the French as the best President of the Fifth Republic (since 1958), tied with Charles de Gaulle, according to a Sunday Journal publication.

Many prefer to ignore the balance of 12 years in court proceedings from the one who, in 2011, became the first former French head of state to be convicted of fictitious employment in the Paris Chamber.

Jacques Chirac died on Thursday at the age of 86.

Chirac, who took over the French presidency from 1995 to 2007, had been ill for several years and was out of public life.

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