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Game of Thrones would need 13 seasons, says Martin on adaptation

by Ace Damon
Imagem de: Game of Thrones precisaria de 13 temporadas, diz Martin sobre adaptação

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George R. R. Martin recently stated that it would take thirteen seasons for Game of Thrones, HBO's television series, to live up to the literary saga The Chronicles of Ice and Fire. The series ended after eight seasons, and its ending divided fan opinion.

In an interview with an American magazine, the author also stated that adaptations can be "traumatic," given the vast content present in the books, and that the eighth season was not "completely true" to the original story.

Story continuity and controversial ending

Unlike the TV adaptation, the book series has not yet ended. Martin has already announced the release of two more titles: The Winds of Winter and A Dream of Spring, yet to be released, despite fans' expectations. At the same time, the author is currently working on two new series spin-offs for HBO.

(Source: IndieWire / Playback)


Among other statements, the author punctuated the creative differences between him and the producers of the series. Demands related to the television world, such as the audience, were also mentioned by Martin. Most popular characters require more participation, "even though it has nothing to do with the story."

About the ending being similar to the one on the television series, Martin replied "yes and no," and reminded the audience that the show's producers have much less time, while he plans to write another 3,000 pages in the last two books.

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