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Google Maps start testing Local Guides recommendations

by Ace Damon
Google Maps start testing Local Guides recommendations

Google Maps began testing tourist recommendations for the Local Guides feature, which was launched in 2015 and benefited users who contributed the most with tourist information, discounts and exclusive access to new Google features, including Other bonuses. Currently, the community already includes 24,000 cities and has 120 million participants.

Local Guides are intended to help someone visiting a particular city. To receive the recommendations, the visitor needs to make a registration of a tour itinerary based on food, sights and typical elements of the region visited. By following certain “local guides”, visitors can receive their recommendations on what is good to do, and may even eliminate the need to hire a tour guide.

Source: Google / Disclosure

The referral service is still in its experimental phase and is therefore only available in nine cities: New Delhi, Bangkok, Sao Paulo, London, Mexico City, New York, Osaka, San Francisco and Tokyo. After the trial period, it will be expanded to other cities.

Who lives in one of the cities that is part of the initial tests, can already make use of the feature. To do this, simply update the app through the Android or iOS store. Recommendations will appear on the “For You” tab in the Google Maps app.

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