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Google Photos can gain video zoom function

by Ace Damon

The year is almost over, but Google Photos could win another role soon. According to the folks at XDA Developers, the app owner is testing a tool for zooming while watching videos. The news was found by members of the site in version 4.33 of the Android application.

As shown below, the ability to zoom allows the user to zoom in on parts of the video by pinching their fingers on the smartphone screen. Although not as common and not of great use to most ordinary users, the tool can be of great use in certain cases, such as viewing videos taken at conferences, concerts or open spaces.

(Source: XDA Developers / Reproduction)

As 9to5Google points out, video zooming is not yet available in the current version of the app on the Play Store. In addition, Google has not officially announced the functionality. With that in mind, maybe users have to wait a while to see the feature release.

It's also worth mentioning that the XDA Developers editor was able to access and test functionality by unraveling the Google Photos installer code in version 4.33. That is, the function is not even being distributed for testing and there is a possibility that the owner of the app give up to launch the news.

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While zooming in on videos is not yet official, the odds of the news coming out are great because of Google's constant investments in its image management app. During 2019, the platform received major improvements in both mobile and web versions.

The web giant has enhanced the artificial intelligence behind the service and, thanks to user feedback, now features functions such as manual tagging, animal image recognition and even a dark mode. Another big news that came to the app in 2019 is the ability to recognize text in photos or prints and allow the action of copy and paste, which gives the application more versatility.

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