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GPS led tourist to "criminal-dominated zone" in Rio's favela

by Ace Damon
GPS led tourist to "criminal-dominated zone" in Rio's favela

A Swiss tourist who was injured on Sunday after being mistakenly mistaken in a Rio de Janeiro favela in Brazil blamed the GPS system on Monday for indicating the route of the neighborhood where her boyfriend was shot.

According to local media, the 60-year-old Swiss woman testified today at a police station in the southern part of the state where she revealed that she and her boyfriend, a seven-year-old Swiss, were trying to drive to Paraty, a small town between Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, when the GPS indicated the route through the Cidade Alta favela.

The couple suffered an attempted robbery at the entrance of that neighborhood, located in the north of Rio de Janeiro, where the man was shot in the chest area and the woman injured by shrapnel, eventually crashing the car into a wall when trying to escape .

"In the evening of Sunday, a team of the Military Police was passing by Avenida Brasil, height of the Upper City, when they were approached by a couple of tourists asking for help. are under medical care, "reported this police on the social network Twitter.

The man remains in hospital and his girlfriend has been discharged.

To the Associated Press, Military Police spokesman Mauro Fliess said "the incident took place in a zone dominated by criminals," adding that "tourists should avoid the area."

In a statement to which the G1 news portal was accessed, Swiss Consul General in Rio de Janeiro, Rudolf Wyss, announced that "he is in contact with the Brazilian authorities and is providing the necessary support to the victims."

Initially, the local press reported that it was a young couple in their early twenties and later corrected this information.

Earlier this morning, police conducted an operation in the area where the crime occurred to try to locate the attackers.

In 2015, a Brazilian couple followed the GPS to a favela and a 70-year-old woman was shot dead.

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