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High blood pressure: The two-ingredient drink that could lower your reading

by Ace Damon
High blood pressure: The two-ingredient drink that could lower your reading

High blood pressure It is a condition that causes pressure within the arteries to be higher than it should be and eating too much salt, drinking too much alcohol, being overweight and not exercising enough can increase a person's risk of developing it.

One of the biggest problems with high blood pressure is that it rarely has visible symptoms, so the condition is usually not detected.

The best way to find out if you have a high reading is to have your blood pressure regularly checked by your doctor, a local pharmacist or using a home blood pressure monitor.

High blood pressure can be prevented or reduced by some simple lifestyle changes such as healthy eating.

The NHS advises reducing the amount of salt in your food and eating lots of fruits and vegetables.

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He explains: “Salt increases your blood pressure. The more salt you eat, the higher your blood pressure will be.

“Try to eat less than 6 g of salt a day, which means about a teaspoon.

“Eating a low-fat diet that includes a lot of fiber like brown rice, bread and pasta, and lots of fruits and vegetables also helps lower blood pressure.

"Try to eat 5 servings of fruits and vegetables every day."


But certain foods and drinks have also been found with blood pressure lowering properties.

One drink suggested by some studies can control blood pressure is apple cider vinegar in water.

A small animal study involved feeding apple cider vinegar or acetic acid at high blood pressure rates. Acetic acid is a component of apple cider vinegar that is believed to offer its benefits.

Rats receiving acetic acid showed more significant reductions in blood pressure compared to other rats.

The mice were also shown to have lower levels of renin in their blood – an enzyme involved in raising blood pressure.

The researchers suggested that acetic acid in apple cider vinegar was responsible for reducing renin levels.

Apple cider vinegar can also help with weight loss – being overweight can raise blood pressure.

In a 12-week study, 144 obese Japanese adults consumed one tablespoon of vinegar, two tablespoons of vinegar or a placebo drink every day.

Participants were instructed to restrict their alcohol intake but to continue their usual diet and activity throughout the study.

Those who consumed one tablespoon of vinegar a day had an average weight loss of 2.6 pounds, and those who consumed two tablespoons of vinegar a day lost 3.7 pounds.

The placebo group pelleted 0.9 pounds and their waist circumference increased slightly.

Due to its high acidity, it is not recommended to drink apple cider vinegar straight as it can cause problems like erosion of tooth enamel.

But apple cider vinegar can be added to water – a healthy and inexpensive choice. Experts recommended drinking one to two tablespoons with a glass of water.


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