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How to live longer: Follow this diet to improve life expectancy and reduce…

by Ace Damon
How to live longer: Follow this diet to improve life expectancy and reduce...

The goal of life longevity for many is to live a long and healthy life, with reduced concerns about illnesses and health problems. It is also about living a life of enhanced physical and mental well-being, with reduced frailty and keeping your mind sharp. According to the researchers, there is a diet that can help with all of this. What is it?

Participants who strictly adhered to the Mediterranean diet experienced the greatest gain in desirable bacteria, while losing the most "bad" bacteria.

In other words, your microbiome has been reprogrammed.

The researchers observed an increase in the types of bacteria previously associated with indicators of reduced frailty, such as walking speed and handgrip strength.

A significant positive change was observed in the intestinal microbiome of those with reduced frailty.

As a result, his condition was reduced, the researchers said.

The researchers said the most striking finding was the strength of the link between an improved intestinal environment and the markers of aging.


Study participants followed a diet rich in healthy fats, fruits and vegetables, while the others continued to eat their normal diet.

By analyzing the stools of each participant, they were able to discover that the Mediterranean diet boosted bacteria in the intestine.

Trillions of bacteria live in the digestive tract and play an important role in health.

Of the thousands of species of intestinal microbes that live in the intestine, some are healthy for the body – while others are not.

Following the Mediterranean diet, the health and diversity of intestinal microbes improved, preventing and treating conditions such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease and inflammation associated with autoimmune diseases.

Scientists studied a population of fruit flies and found that five to six days before death, these flies had developed a leaky gut.

This led to harmful substances entering the body and changes in the bacteria, suggesting that the bacteria was the driving force of the decline.

When these flies had a reduction in their bacterial population, they experienced a significant increase in their lifespan.

Thus, proving that having a healthy microbiome increased a person's life expectancy and the Mediterranean diet greatly improves microbiomes.



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