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How to live longer: The popular diet proven to increase your longevity

by Ace Damon
How to live longer: The popular diet proven to increase your longevity

The search for a long and rewarding life essentially involves finding ways to defend against the threat of developing chronic complications. Heart disease and obesity are the leading causes of death in the UK, so taking steps to reduce the risk of falling into these unhealthy traps is essential for longevity. Diet plays a key role in protecting against life-threatening complications and certain diets offer a number of health benefits.

Evidence shows that vegan diets, for example, can help combat the threat of deadly diseases.

As the NHS explains, a vegan diet contains only herbal products such as vegetables, grains, nuts and fruits, and excludes animal foods including dairy and eggs.

According to a large-scale analysis, one of the major health benefits of adhering to a plant-based diet is that it improves heart health and decreases the risk of dying from a diet. heart attack, stroke or other cardiovascular disease.

O findings, published in the Journal of the American Heart Association, was based on an analysis of food intake information from over 10,000 US middle-aged adults who were monitored from 1987 to 2016 and had no cardiovascular disease at baseline.

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The research, presented at the European Diabetes Study Association Annual Meeting, suggested that a 16-week vegan diet may increase intestinal microbes related to improvements in body weight, body composition and blood sugar control.

The intestinal microbiota plays an important role in weight regulation, metabolic syndrome development and type 2 diabetes.

Commenting on their findings, the authors said: "A 16-week, low-fat vegan dietary intervention induced changes in the intestinal microbiota that were related to changes in weight, body composition, and insulin sensitivity in overweight adults."

However, the authors acknowledge that more work is needed to isolate the effects of the vegan diet itself from those of reduced calories.

The benefits of a vegan diet may also extend to better psychological well-being, according to findings published in BMJ.

To find out the link, the researchers looked at the available evidence and found 11 relevant English-language clinical trials, published between 1999 and 2017, comparing plant-based diets with other diets, and involved a total of 433 people in their 50-somethings. years on average. .

Eight of the studies assessed the impact of a vegan diet and six included patients receiving information on optimal nutrition to help them better understand the benefits of a plant-based diet.

Results from a systematic analysis showed that the quality of physical and emotional health improved only in those patients on a vegan / plant-based diet.

Similarly, depressive symptoms improved significantly only in these groups.

Other measures to increase longevity

Exercising regularly can also avert the threat posed by obesity and its associated risks.

As the NHS explains, having a healthy weight reduces your chances of developing high blood pressure – a precursor to life-threatening complications.

Health added, "Regular exercise will make the heart and blood circulation more efficient, lower cholesterol levels, and also keep blood pressure at a healthy level."

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