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How to sleep: Top tips to creating the perfect sleep environment for a good…

by Ace Damon
How to sleep: Top tips to creating the perfect sleep environment for a good...

Longer nights and shorter winter days stir the natural instinct to retreat and hibernate for a comfortable and cozy environment. Often this arouses the desire to escape the seasonal climate changes and the increasingly dark days by sheltering under the duvet. Now that clocks are being delayed and the official arrival of winter, the preparation of the sanctuary for sleep should be considered as upgrading the winter wardrobe knitwear and vitamin intake to counter the inevitable negative health impacts. When it comes to sleep, what is the best environment to ensure the perfect night during winter nights?

According to research support, woolen bedding can improve sleep by 25%, dispelling the preconceptions that wool is itchy, warm and difficult to care for in order to promote a nation of clean sleepers.

British wool creates a natural sleeping environment that is naturally hypoallergenic, flame retardant, and temperature-regulating, with an unmatched ability to absorb harmful volatile organic compounds, often found in paints, varnishes and cleaning products in the fabric structure.

This ensures safe and comfortable sleep all year round.


Natural wool is scientifically proven to improve sleep quality, with research suggesting that woolen bedding can actually help provide up to 25% more stage four regenerative sleep, the point at which our bodies are thought to make the most of it. repair and regeneration of cells.

All of this contributes to a clean sleep, helping the person to wake up feeling refreshed, revitalized and ready to face the day.

What a person wears in bed can also make a huge difference.

Dagsmejan is the Swedish brand of Swedish nightwear comprising a thermo-regulating fabric.

The fabric will ensure you are kept warm in winter and cool on summer evenings.


Can a drink help you sleep better?

Moon milk is a hot drink that has its origins in Ayuverdic traditions. Ayurveda is a medicine system with historical roots in the Indian subcontinent.

Adaptogens are herbs and plants that have long been used in herbal medicine.

One of the best known adaptogenic therapeutic herbs is ashwagandha.

Can some foods help you sleep better?

According to the National Sleep Foundation, eating kiwifruit before bed can help ensure a good night's rest.

The health agency explained, "If you have insomnia, eating two kiwifruit before bed can increase your sleep duration by one hour over the course of a month."

It also recommends eating other antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables, such as fruits, plums, raisins and plums, as they can have a similar effect, helping to combat oxidative stress caused by a sleep disorder.

The NHS added: “Few people can follow strict sleeping routines. This is not a problem for most people, but for people with insomnia, irregular hours of sleep are useless.

"Your routine depends on what works for you, but the most important thing is to work out a routine and stick to it.

"Try to sleep at regular times, be sure to relax, make your bedroom sleep well, or try to keep a sleep journal."


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