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Hundreds of people express support for riot police in Madrid

by Ace Damon
Hundreds of people express support for riot police in Madrid

Hundreds of people gathered in Madrid this morning in front of the headquarters of the Police Intervention Unit (UIP), the Spanish riot police, to express their support for the National Police and agents who are deployed in Catalonia.

Shouting “you are not alone” and waving the Spanish flag, several hundred people, including colleagues from agents transferred to Catalonia and many anonymous citizens, joined the call of four police unions to express support for riot police in recent days in Barcelona.

During the merger, the police unions demanded that the Spanish Government order them to act “forcefully” and to provide all the necessary material to end the violence.

In a statement read, one agent stressed that the perpetrators of "violence are going to kill, are looking for a dead policeman and have almost succeeded on several occasions."

Proof of this is the severity of the injuries sustained by more than 200 police officers who, due to the clashes in Barcelona, ​​have been broken bones, crushed vertebrae, head injuries, cuts and blows, according to unions.

During the merger, the unions stated that the IPU has “the means, desire and conviction” to solve the problem, but it is necessary to be authorized to use the anti-disturbance water tanks and to call the units waiting to receive the order to act.

The unions also demand that detached police officers in Catalonia receive "fair financial compensation" and entry into the police merit order.

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