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Intel says the industry should change and not talk about "benchmarks if not …

by Ace Damon
Intel says the industry should change and not talk about "benchmarks if not ...

Intel CEO Bob Swan has confirmed that the next generation generation of laptops with Tiger Lake processors is coming in a few months. All this he said in a YouTube live on Computex 2020, where I talk about the virtues of the Taiwanese fair and its importance in the global technology scene, as well as what Intel has presented this year.

"Later this year," says Swan, "we will introduce Tiger Lake and cement our position as the undisputed leader in mobile computing and PC innovation."

The most interesting thing about all this is the statement he makes in the same video, saying that with the current pandemic, we have to stop worrying about things as simple as the benchmarks of their processors:

“We should see this moment as an opportunity to shift our approach from the benchmark industry to the benefits and impacts of the technology we create. The pandemic has highlighted the need for technology to be built on purpose so that it can meet these changing needs of businesses and consumers.

And this requires a customer-obsessed mindset to stay close, anticipate those needs, and develop solutions. In this mindset, the goal is to make sure we are optimizing for a stronger impact that supports and accelerates the positive benefits for companies and society worldwide. ”

If synthetic performance tests are of little importance to them, it stands to reason that Tiger Lake does not represent any performance improvement over existing options on the market.

This desire to move away from synthetic benchmarks has been a common thread since Computex and E3 last year, and the story seems to continue.

A Message from Intel CEO Bob Swan to COMPUTEX


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