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James Dean returns to CGI cinema for new movie

by Ace Damon
James Dean returns to CGI cinema for new movie

Known for the "Stray Youth" and "Bitter Lives" movies, James Dean died in a car crash in 1955 at the age of 24. Still, it will be featured in the new movie "Finding Jack," based on the eponymous book by Gareth Crocker.

The actor's family granted the image rights to the film's producer, called Magic City Films. Two CGI companies are working together on the project: Canadian Imagine Engine and South African MOI Worldwide.

“With rapidly evolving technology, we see this new frontier as a whole for many of our iconic customers. This opens a new opportunity for many of our customers who are no longer with us, ”said Mark Roesler, CEO of CMG Worldwide, James Dean's family business agent.

Bringing James Dean Back

Director Anton Ernst says he is very honored that the family has ceded the image rights to recreate the actor, and promises that he will not disappoint them. The story of the film tells of the abandonment of more than 10,000 military dogs at the end of the Vietnam War. Dean's character is called Rogan and is one of the supporting actors in the production.

"Finding Jack" pre-production is set to begin November 17, and the release date is November 11, 2020, a date commemorating US Veterans Day.

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