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Jeremy Corbyn says he will remain "neutral" in a new Brexit referendum

by Ace Damon
Jeremy Corbyn says he will remain "neutral" in a new Brexit referendum

UK Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbyn said on Friday he would remain "neutral" in the event of a new referendum on Brexit, which he plans to call if he wins next month's elections.

"I will take a neutral position as Prime Minister so that I can credibly implement the result achieved and unite our country, rather than seeking an endless debate about the European Union and Brexit," said the leader of the main opposition party. in a debate at BBC station.

If elected, Jeremy Corbyn wants to renegotiate an exit agreement with the European Union (EU) within three months of taking office and submit that agreement to the British vote within six months, who would also have the option to cancel the Brexit and stay in the European Union.

"My role and our government's role will be to ensure that this referendum is held in a good atmosphere and that we will deliver on the outcome," said the opposition leader, referring to the deep divisions caused by the 2016 referendum, in which 52% of the British voted to leave the EU.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson of the Conservative Party's lead poll was also interviewed on the show, as was Jo Swinson, leader of the pro-EU Liberal Democratic Party and leader of the Scottish independence movement, Nicola Sturgeon.

Boris Johnson wants to get a majority in parliament in the December 12 elections, allowing him to ratify the EU exit agreement and has promised to remove the UK from the EU by the end of January.

The head of government also defended the executive's refusal to publish a report on possible Russian interference in the UK elections, indicating that there was no evidence of any interference.

Jo Swinson promised that his party would cancel Brexit's government formation, while Nicola Sturgeon defended his support for a referendum on Scotland's independence just five years after a vote on the issue.

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