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Jesus: "Not all foreign coaches have the same ability"

by Ace Damon
Jesus: "Not all foreign coaches have the same ability"

Jorge Jesus and Flamengo players celebrate winning the Libertadores Cup

Photography: EPA

Flamengo's Portuguese coach won the Libertadores Cup with an epic comeback against River Plate (2-1).

Analysis: "In the first half River took us out of the game because they did not let the Flamengo team play football with high quality, due to the aggressiveness on the ball carrier. But in the last 15 minutes it was a little different We have already managed to break free of space. In the second half we changed the way we play, not that we changed very tactically. It's a team that has very experienced players and I give them the freedom to interfere either on or off the pitch. We corrected some tactical situations and how we were competing with the River team in some situations. This all changed the way we played. We also knew that River could not be pressing 90 minutes. River was unable to undo our ability to play for 90 minutes and we were also happy to score two goals at the end of the game. "


Can Jesus' success serve to bring more European coaches to America? "I don't know if you can reference that. In Europe it's normal. I don't put that flag much, this way of looking. 'The coach has come to a different continent and from there we have to bring in more foreign coaches.' same capacity. New world is globalization, I don't want to refer to that as a way to value or devalue other coaches. I don't look at it that way. "

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