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José Cesário defends red tape for access to community support …

by Ace Damon
José Cesário defends red tape for access to community support ...

Portugal should reduce bureaucracy in the process that allows the Portuguese community of Venezuela to access the support, said, in Caracas, the deputy of the PSD for emigration, José Cesário, who expressed concern about the evolution of the social situation of the Venezuelan Luso.

“One of the issues that already stands out, to which Portugal has to be very attentive, especially our authorities at Government level, is the need to reduce bureaucracy in accessing support of various kinds, whether directly to people, The most striking are the already talked about Social Support for Needy Elderly and Social Support for Needy Emigrants, either regarding the access of associations to support for activities of a social or cultural nature, ”said José Cesário.

The Social Democrat MP spoke to Lusa at the Portuguese Consulate General in Caracas, on the sidelines of a meeting with the councilors of the Portuguese communities, one of his agenda items, which will also take him to the cities of Maracay, Barquisimeto over the next three days. and Valencia.

"The truth is that we are as we were last year, when the Secretary of State of the Communities (José Luís Carneiro) assured that the regulations would be changed and were not," he lamented.

According to the deputy, "the current regulation is not friendly to the institutions", nor "allows to encourage the activity of the associative movement in general", and this "also reflects a lot in the social plan".

"It is too bureaucratic, time-consuming and usually does not serve the purposes for which the institutions make requests because of delays," he said.

Elected by the emigration circle from outside Europe, José Cesário said that “there is a significant change” in relation to his previous visits to the country, where “in the first impact it is noticed that there is a change, with the regular use of the dollar and the so-called hard currencies in daily trade ”.

"There are a number of people who now have access to goods that did not exist so far, this is a seemingly positive situation, but one realizes that it will quickly contribute to creating a set of problems of great volume, very serious," he admitted. .

In this sense, he foresaw “a very large increase in inequalities”, because those with strong currencies, such as the dollar or the euro, have access to products, as opposed to those who do not, and therefore have no access, which “will imply a rising cost of living that is already beginning to feel ”and“ already brutal ”.

“Of course this affects and will further affect the (Portuguese) community. Apart from those who were already in absolute poverty, we will probably have more people, especially small traders, who are going through or are already going through a very difficult phase, ”he said.

José Cesário stressed that his “first impression is of great concern regarding the evolution” that can be verified “in social terms” in the community in Venezuela.

“We are currently doing a careful analysis of our responses, how Portugal can or is already supporting this community,” he said.

Regarding the Venezuelan state program of distributing food at subsidized prices, the deputy said he hopes that they will reach the most needy, but acknowledged: "It is not worth deluding ourselves", because "with rising prices, problems will increase".

“I am exclusively concerned with the social aspect. The purpose of this trip has much to do with social issues, the issues of Portugal's relationship with the community. In fact, there is a sense of apparent evolution, of apparent positive change, but in the long run it can prove to be very complicated, ”he said.

On the other hand, José Cesário confirmed that the councilors spoke about the citizens' insecurity that "will be increasing" because of "the wallet that has dollars" and "even food and medicines".

“There is increasing insecurity for people as well as for institutions. There are a number of entities from various communities in Venezuela, on the island of Margarita (northeast), here in Turumo, Guatire (both east of Caracas), that have been robbed, looted, with a lot of stolen equipment and this was something that not seen until a few years ago, ”said the Social Democrat.

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