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Juan Guaidó supporters invade Venezuelan embassy in Brazil

by Ace Damon
Juan Guaidó supporters invade Venezuelan embassy in Brazil

A group of supporters of the self-proclaimed president of Venezuela stormed the embassy in Venezuela. Jair Bolsonaro said the authorities are taking the necessary steps to safeguard public order.

"In the face of events at the Venezuelan Embassy, ​​we reject the interference of outside actors. We are taking the necessary steps to safeguard public order and prevent acts of violence in accordance with the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations," Bolsonaro wrote on the social network. Twitter

Early in the morning, a group of supporters of Juan Guaidó, leader of the Venezuelan National Assembly and self-proclaimed president of that country, entered the embassy in Brasilia.

Guaidó was recognized by the Brazilian government as interim President of Venezuela in February this year, in the context of a wave of protests in the neighboring country.

Although he proclaimed himself President and announced that he would form a Government until the next elections, Guaidó could not obtain internal support to remove Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro from power.

Before Bolsonaro commented on the issue on social networks, the Brazilian Government said in a statement that it did not acknowledge or encourage the invasion of the Venezuelan embassy in Brasilia.

"As always, there are unscrupulous and lightweight individuals who want to take advantage of events to generate disorder and instability. The President of the Republic has never been aware of, much less encouraged the invasion of the embassy of Venezuela by supporters of Mr Juan Guaidó," refers to the note of the Institutional Security

The Brazilian executive added that the country's security forces are taking steps to "resolve the situation peacefully and return to normality."

Attorney María Teresa Belandria Exposite, nominated by Juan Guaidó as ambassador and recognized by Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, said in a statement that a group of Venezuelan embassy officials had contacted her this morning to hand over her embassy management. .

"A group of Venezuelan embassy officials in Brazil have contacted us to inform us that they recognize President Juan Guaidó. They have begun to open their doors and voluntarily hand over the diplomatic headquarters to the legitimately accredited representation in Brazil," the statement said.

However, the Brazilian media reports that the group's entry into the embassy took place at dawn and that military police were called in by officials who alleged that Guaidó's supporters forced them into the embassy.

Venezuelan businessman in charge of Brazil, Freddy Meregote, also released a video denying that embassy officials allowed the group to join.

Brazilian deputy (lower house member) Paulo Pimenta of the Workers Party (PT) reported on Twitter that he had been there and that Venezuelan embassy officials had been harassed by supporters of the Venezuelan assembly leader and the Brazilian Government. .

Venezuela has not officially had an ambassador in Brazil since 2016.

In 2019, the Brazilian head of state recognized Juan Guaidó as President of Venezuela and received the letter of credence from María Teresa Belandria Exposito, named ambassador to Brazil by Guaidó.

The Venezuelan embassy building in Brazil, however, continued to be managed by persons appointed by the Government of Nicolás Maduro.

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