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Kim tears agreement with Trump and warns that he will "make the pain pay …

by Ace Damon

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un announced the end of the moratorium on nuclear testing and Pyongyang's intercontinental ballistic missile testing, the North Korean state agency KCNA said on Wednesday.

"We have no reason to remain unilaterally linked to this compromise," KCNA said in a text received in Seoul, referring to statements by Kim Jong-un before his ruling party officials. "The world will discover in the near future a new strategic weapon that North Korea has."

Kim had declared in 2018 that North Korea did not need nuclear testing and intercontinental ballistic missile testing. His statements Wednesday appear to contradict nuclear diplomacy over the past two years, with US President Donald Trump regularly evoking the "promise" of the North Korean leader.

However, talks between the two capitals are in an apparent stalemate following the failure of a Kim-Trump summit that was due to take place in February in Hanoi.

In front of his Workers Party central committee, Kim clearly indicated that North Korea is prepared to continue to be the target of the international sanctions regime to preserve its nuclear capability.

"The United States makes demands that are contrary to the fundamental interests of our state and engages in criminal behavior," he said, quoted by the KCNA.

Washington "promoted dozens of joint military exercises [with South Korea] that President [Donald Trump] promised to suspend," sent high-tech military equipment to the South and tightened sanctions against the North, he added.

"We will never sell our dignity," he said, before pledging "siderous action to pay the price of the pain inflicted on our people."



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