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Lula da Silva says he resisted the "naughtiness" of the "rotten side" of Justice

by Ace Damon
Lula da Silva says he resisted the "naughtiness" of the "rotten side" of Justice

Former President of Brazil Lula da Silva said on Friday that he resisted, during 580 days in prison, the "naughtiness" that, he said, the "rotten side" of the prosecution, police and the IRS did to "criminalize the Brazilian left".

"Every day you were the food of democracy that I needed to resist the naughtiness that the rotten side of the Brazilian state has done to me and to Brazilian society. The rotten side of justice, the prosecutor, the Federal Police, the IRS, to try to criminalize the left, the PT (Workers' Party), Lula ", declared Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.

The former President, in his first statements leaving the headquarters of the Federal Police of Curitiba, addressed the PT militants who, during his arrest, kept a vigil outside the building.

Lula da Silva's departure was greeted by hundreds of supporters who focused on the venue, singing the Brazilian anthem and chanting "olé, olé, olé, free Lula" or "here are the people of Lula without fear of fighting", while they fired fireworks.

"I, who have been talking to the Brazilian people all my life, did not think that today I could be here talking to men and women who for 580 days shouted here 'good morning Lula', 'good afternoon Lula', 'good Lula night. 'It doesn't matter if it was raining, 40 degrees or zero degrees, "he said.

Former Brazilian President Lula da Silva was released today at about 17:40 locals (20:40 in Lisbon), after the Brazilian Supreme Court (STF) decided to overturn arrests in the second instance, as was the case of the former chief of State, arrested since April 2018.

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