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Lusodescent detainee who deceived over a thousand people

by Ace Damon
Lusodescent detainee who deceived over a thousand people

Venezuelan authorities have dismantled a criminal organization, led by a Lusodescendant who was arrested, suspected of misleading more than 1,000 people by promising high profits on foreign currency investments.

In total, nine people have been arrested and authorities are seeking another ten.

Dismantling of the group was made by officials of the Division Against Organized Crime of the Corps of Scientific, Criminal and Criminalistic Instances (CICPC, formerly Judicial Technical Police), following complaints from the victims, including traders, including Portuguese, engineers and Los Altos Mirandinos teachers, south of Caracas.

According to CICPC Director Douglas Rico, the fraudulent system would have been devised by the lusodescendant who, along with friends and family, offered "the possibility of investing money in foreign currency under the false promise that in a 21-day time frame. would see the investment doubled. "

"Once this time passed, (the suspicion) did not meet the agreed. The value of the fraud is estimated to exceed one million US dollars (about 900 thousand euros)," explained Douglas Rico during a conference. in Caracas, the capital of Venezuela.

Several sources have confirmed to the Lusa agency that among the detainees are four Venezuelan Luso, and among those sought by the authorities there is also a Lusodescendant.

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