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Lusodescent yellow vest again injured in Paris rally

by Ace Damon
Lusodescent yellow vest again injured in Paris rally

Lusodescendant Jerome Rodrigues, who lost an eye in a demonstration of yellow vests in France, was injured again yesterday in a protest organized on Saturday by the movement and the railway workers on strike.

In a demonstration that gathered a few thousand people in Paris, the Lusodescendant was again injured, again near the eye he lost in January of this year during another protest, and then reinstated the procession.

According to Jerome Rodrigues shared on social media, was the victim of blows from a police protection shield near Gare du Nord, where began the demonstration this Saturday, and took with much tear gas afterwards. The Lusodescendant was assisted on site and returned to the procession later.

The French authorities deny any physical aggression but confirm that tear gas grenades were used, according to French media reports. Lusa agency tried to contact Jerome Rodrigues without success.

This Saturday's demonstration was the last one in 2019 and in a rare feat brought together the movement of the yellow vests and the unions representing the railway and public transport workers, who have been on strike for 24 straight days.

During the demonstration, there were several moments of tension with the police, with unions continuing to call for an end to the government's pension reform. This was another day in the French capital with its subway, buses and trams and very limited urban and long-distance train travel.

This strike has already exceeded the 22 consecutive days of strike in 1995 and may even break the record for the duration of a strike in France, which took place in 1986-1987 with 28 days of uninterrupted strike.

The next big demonstration is scheduled for January 9, with another intersindical protest.



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