Home lifestyle “Made by you”! So are the meals at Gavino Restaurante Bar


“Made by you”! So are the meals at Gavino Restaurante Bar

by Ace Damon
“Made by you”! So are the meals at Gavino Restaurante Bar

This Friday, November 29th, the doors of Gavino Restaurante Bar will open to Madeirans and tourists to reveal a new and unmissable concept in the restaurant area!

Thinking about the demands of customers and their tastes that are always different, we study and develop the best way to satisfy and surprise those who visit us. Thus, Gavino Restaurante Bar has created a different menu from those you know today!

We include the “Made By You” concept that allows the customer to choose the ingredients they want to add to their fish or meat dish, or even at their own entree.

In other words, our menu consists of Entradas, where you can taste a delicious bruschetta of sweet potato and stuffed mushroom, Pisces, where you can find the salmon steak, cod, golden fillet and sword fillet and Meat, where you have the choice. the duck leg, beef fillet, lamb shank, chicken breast and pork loin. Based on these options, it is now up to you to choose how many and what other ingredients will make up your meal.

Thus all customers have the possibility to give their own advice on the composition of the dish. Our fabulous and talented team takes your order and works attentively to make the meal as requested.

At Gavino Restaurant Bar we also have a set menu that includes starters, two meat dishes and two fish dishes.

Make the right choices! Visit the Gavino Restaurant Bar!

Here, your opinion is important!

Gavino Restaurant Bar

Address: Holy Ghost Ramp # 2, Old Town, Santa Maria Maior, 9060-075 (former casablanca)

Contacts: 968 173 434 | 291 220 632

(email protected)


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