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McDonald’s uses Alexa and Google Assistant to find new employees

by Ace Damon
McDonald’s uses Alexa and Google Assistant to find new employees

On Tuesday, McDonald's announced that it is now possible to search for job openings in its store network using voice commands on Alexa or Google Assistant. The system, called “Apply Thru”, is the first in the world to work through voice, according to the company, and to get started, just get interested people to say “Alexa / OK Google, help me find a job at McDonald's ”or“ Talk to Apply Thru ”.

The company's executive vice president and chief of staff, David Fairhurst, highlighted Alexa's skills, saying that Amazon's assistant has some of the requirements that McDonald's looks for in its employees, such as "friendly, agile and fun." Fairhurst also said the company's idea is to keep innovating and looking for solutions to find job vacancies on devices they already use.

Below you can see the service launch video.

Completion of registration is still traditionally

Although the service allows you to search for a voice command job, the rest of the registration still needs to be done on your PC or smartphone. Voice assistants will ask some more specific questions, such as the full name, region where the candidate intends to work, etc. In the end, an internet address is provided that the applicant will need to access to get the latest details and confirm the registration.

At the time of Apply Thru launch, the service already works in the US, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Germany, Italy and Spain. McDonald’s says the initiative is part of a global campaign to increase demand for vacancies in its network. Therefore, the service will be expanded to other countries soon and should change its name upon arrival in Brazil.


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