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MLB rejects 114-game plan, tells union no counter

by Ace Damon
MLB rejects 114-game plan, tells union no counter

NEW YORK [Reuters] – Major League Baseball rejected players' offer for a regular season of 114 games in the pandemic season postponed, without further salary cuts, and told the union that it does not plan to make a counter offer, said a person familiar with the negotiations. Associated Press.

The person spoke on condition of anonymity on Wednesday because no statement was authorized.

The players made their proposal on Sunday, against a regular season of 82 games in the administration's offer last week. The opening day would be June 30 and the regular season would end on October 31, almost five weeks after the conclusion of September 27 that the MLB proposal followed the original season schedule.

MLB told the union it had no interest in extending the season until November, when it fears that a second wave of coronavirus could disrupt the postseason and commit $ 787 million in transmission revenue. The MLB notified the union of the rejection in an emailed letter on Wednesday.

Although management suggested that it could play a short regular season of around 50 games without a salary cut, it did not formally propose this concept.

Teams and players hope to start the season in stadiums without fans, and the teams say they would suffer huge losses if wages were not cut further. The sides agreed to an agreement on March 26 in which players accepted wages proportionately in exchange for $ 170 million in advances and a guarantee that if the season is dropped, each player will get the service time in 2020 equal to the accumulated one. in 2019.

That deal called for "good faith" negotiations about playing in empty stadiums or in neutral locations. The union said that no further cuts are acceptable.

The MLB proposal on May 26 would reduce 2020 wages from about $ 4 billion to approximately $ 1.2 billion, establishing a progressive scale of reductions. Players with a minimum of $ 563,500 would receive about 47% of the original salary and those at the top – led by Mike Trout and Gerrit Cole for $ 36 million – would receive less than 23%.

The union's offer would have total salaries of about $ 2.8 billion, leaving each player with about 70% of his original salary.

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