Home world Netanyahu calls for new pressure on Iran in meeting with Pompeo in Lisbon


Netanyahu calls for new pressure on Iran in meeting with Pompeo in Lisbon

by Ace Damon
Netanyahu calls for new pressure on Iran in meeting with Pompeo in Lisbon

The Israeli Prime Minister praised the US sanctions against Iran on Wednesday, and said financial pressure had heightened protests against Tehran's influence in the Middle East by calling for tougher measures.

Speaking alongside US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, before their meeting in Lisbon, Netanyahu said that "the first issue" he will raise is "Iran, the second is Iran, and the third is also "

"As we speak, Iran is increasing its aggression," he accused, adding: "We are actively involved in counteracting this aggression."

Pompeo and Netanyahu met and greeted each other in the 'hall' of a central Lisbon hotel at 6.27 pm, heading into a nearby room where the journalists who accompanied the US Secretary of State's and First Israeli minister and a group of internationally appointed journalists, who were not part of any Portuguese media.

Israel considers Iran its main enemy, referring to its involvement in neighboring Syria, and in support of military groups in the Middle East and Persian Gulf region. Israel also accuses Iran of intending to equip itself with a nuclear bomb, a charge denied by the Iranians.

Earlier, Netanyahu had considered that US economic sanctions were causing political and economic problems for Iran, and that there is still a "broad spectrum" of options to bolster the pressure.

Pompeo expressed support for the recent protests in Iran, saying that "they are people who seek freedom and a reasonable way of life, and who recognize the threat posed by the kleptocrats who run the Islamic Republic of Iran."

In recent weeks, Iranian forces, according to various NGOs, have killed about 200 people in demonstrations against rising fuel prices. The protests also spread to pro-Iranian governments in Lebanon and Iraq, forcing their prime ministers to resign.



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