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Netherlands slaughter thousands of mink because of new coronavirus

by Ace Damon
Netherlands slaughter thousands of mink because of new coronavirus

This Saturday, authorities in the Netherlands began killing more than 1,500 minks on a farm due to the signaling of the new coronavirus in these mammals, after the court rejected a petition by animal advocates.

The Ministry of Agriculture announced on Wednesday that "more than 10,000 mink" would be slaughtered on several farms where positive cases of covid-19 were detected, to prevent them from becoming sources of contamination.

On Thursday, two animal protection groups appealed to the court in an attempt to stop this measure, but on Friday night the court dismissed the request.

In this sense, the slaughter of the animals "started today on a mink farm in Deurne", in the south of the country, announced the spokeswoman of the Dutch Authority for Food Safety and Consumer Products (NVWA), Frederique Hermie.

"This company has about 1,500 females and each has four to five offspring," said Frederique Hermie to France Press (AFP), who explained that the method for slaughter involves the use of carbon monoxide.

According to the spokeswoman, slaughter in the other nine contaminated farms will continue throughout the week.

In May, authorities established that two officials from these farms had "most likely" contracted covid-19 from these animals.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), these two infected employees could be "the first known cases of transmission" of the new coronavirus from the animal to man.

Subsequently, the Government banned the transport of these animals and made testing of covid-19 mandatory on all mink-breeding farms, which aim to produce fur.


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